Designing better water health for the Liesbeek


Designing better water health for the Liesbeek

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Neil Armitage, Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Cape Town, opened up the Healthy Rivers workshop by analysing the Liesbeek River Catchment area. By providing the audience a current context of the state of the river, the objective was to get the audience to think of creative ways to improve it for the future. Currently around the Liesbeek, land use is mainly residential. Due…

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As the great, great grandson of Texas slaveholders, Chris Tomlinson wanted to find out what crimes his ancestors had committed to maintain their power and privilege.   In his new book Tomlinson Hill, he writes about the slave-owning part of his family tree.  He also writes about slaves who kept the Tomlinson name after they were freed, and traces their lineage.  

Chris Tomlinson says that he intended the book to examine America’s history of race and bigotry through the paternal lines of these two families.  Tomlinson is a journalist who spent 11 years with the associated press, reporting on wars and conflicts, mostly in Africa, including the end of apartheid and the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide.  All the conflicts he covered included an element of bigotry:    

"It was inspiring to me to be in South Africa after the election [of Nelson Mandela] and to see that reckoning. Bishop Desmond Tutu established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and at the time his argument was that before there can be reconciliation, you have to have a sharing of the truth and it has to be a common truth. One community can’t have one idea of what happened and the other community … a different idea. If you want them to reconcile, they have to agree about what happened. And that requires — for lack of a better word — confession and contrition.

…I don’t think that’s something that’s happened in the United States. And it certainly didn’t happen in my life. And so writing this book was my opportunity to go through that process — if, for no one else, [than] for the African-American Tomlinsons and my side of the family, that we have that truth and reconciliation.”

Photo of Tomlinson Hill plantation sign, via Chris Tomlinson/ Lisa Kaselak, Fosforo Films 

When I complain about being broke and my friend tells me to stop spending all my money on books:


“My poetry has passed through the same stages as my life.” —Pablo Neruda, born on this day in 1904.

“It is impossible, after a certain point, to go back to a previous way of life, a previous way of thinking.”
— Henry Rollins (via whats-out-there)

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How am I suppose to answer that question?!

How am I suppose to answer that question?!


Every week Wade and I sit down to talk through the week. We gear up for meetings and make a list of things to do. Pray through contacts and for ministry partners. Each week it feels daunting to take on this task. But as time passes our perspective has changed.

Over the last couple months in conversations with different people they ask how support raising is going. Honestly, it is a question I…

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"I am Half Loaf. Son of Loaf." I have not been making enough #bread #notrealfood

Exploration Redux

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Several months ago I made a map of the University’s campus for Finnegan. Now he knows where all of his favorite places are. The track where he runs his “races”. The gas station where he gets his donuts and just about anywhere else that he knows he can find treats.

Since we bought him a bike leading up to last summer he has really begun to understand direction. He now insists on navigating me…

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Aislinn most at home on the road. Finn most at home in front if the TV. #hotellife

Nap time in the final stretch to Nashville today. Tomorrow, 5 hours of easy riding beginning a 4.00.

This just got real. #narnia Or in the words of Tara, “It’s like Narnia up in here.” #cslewis

If you ever think…”should I buy Wade wine or a fancy bottle if Fish Sauce?” Always choose fish sauce. #fishsauce #wine #gifts

Thanks @abihile for the great pics. #wifey

Small Giver, Big Gift

One of our gifts came from perhaps an unlikely “giver”. (Click the Link Below) Small Giver, Big Gift